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The past decade, is the period when political and economic order being globally reconstructed, when China’s economy entered a rapid development phase; and is also the period when serious energy and environment issues emerged prominently. Along with economic growing, people suffer from consequences of environment pollution while enjoying material life as a result of development. Irrational development and utilization of regional and global energy and resources has restricted the sustainable development. Clean water, fresh air and safe food have become everyone’s relentless pursuit in the 21st century.

Complying with the economic and social sustainable development, EED, dedicating itself to economic and social sustainable development, has made its modest contribution for providing solutions on low-carbon development, energy conservation and new energy development, regional air and ecological environment protection for Chinese government and enterprises.

New era breeds new opportunities. The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposes to address ecological civilization as the top priority, thus to build a beautiful China and achieve sustainable development of the Chinese nation. China’s government will attach great importance to environment capacity boundary line to resource by stepping into a pathway of low-carbon, green, and sustainable developing. Relevant policy will lead to great support on energy-saving and environmental protection industry, as well as implementing Bringing in and Going Global strategy. Based on concept of innovation, pragmaticism and efficiency, EED will continually provide professional and solid service for government and enterprises in the area of energy and environment, dedicating to Improve Global Environment, Increase Human Living Standard and Promote Sustainable Development. In the coming five or ten years, EED will strive to establish a corporation integrating energy and environment research, consultation and project investment-construction-operation through management innovation and technical innovation, and contribute to China and Global sustainable development.