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International Consulting

EED has provided consulting service in the field of energy and environment for projects of United Nation, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Global Environment Funds and Bilateral government. Above mentioned consulting service included project preparation, technical research and loan implementation. The main research fields comprise: Climate Change/Low-Carbon Economic Development, Policy Research of Renewable Energy Development, Energy Efficiency Improvement, Industrial and Urban Pollution Control, and Energy and Environment Investing and Financing Advisory.

With the advance of the development strategy of One Belt and One Road (OBOR), domestic enterprises are encouraged to “go global” and achieve the globalization strategy. Under the principal of “go global”, EED takes the lead in launching comprehensive environmental service, including comprehensive environmental services for international development assistance, foreign aid and cooperation of China Government, and overseas investments of enterprises.


Comprehensive Environmental Service

EED provided package of service in the environmental field to governments and enterprises, including planning of environment/energy, research on policy/strategy, assistance for application of demonstration projects in the fields of environment/energy, usage and design of environmental protection funds, as well as consulting, design and technical introducing services for enterprises and specific project.