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Methane Ignites Farmers' New Carbon Life

Release time:2018-5-3   Responsible editor:   information sources:
In recent years, Shunqing District vigorously implement rural sanitation projects and rural biogas project, the low-carbon life style and the new countryside construction closely, now, "dirty, chaotic and poor" is no longer synonymous with rural environment.

The morning of May 23rd, see in the bent Cypress Village Ying Xi Shunqing District Street, where 80% of households using biogas, kitchen clean, old smoky scene has been completely away from the lives of the villagers.

"Without the use of biogas, cooking by burning firewood, not only trouble, but also the cooking of dust, choking people." The villagers Zheng Zhongqiu said happily, now, he has used household biogas, cooking no longer makes 
people headache, just light the switch, strong fire will rise.

It is understood, to guide farmers to use clean fuel, improve the fuel structure, beautify the living environment, Shunqing District in strengthening the publicity at the same time, also introduced the relevant preferential policies, regulations of rural households to build a biogas will receive 1000 yuan subsidy. The area invested about 20000000 yuan for biogas construction. In the process of construction, unified pool design, unified construction standard and unified material supply were implemented, and professional biogas service outlets were provided for long-term technical guidance.

In addition, in order to improve the utilization efficiency of the biogas digester in the rural area, the biogas comprehensive utilization technology and innovative mode were extended to build up the farming, breeding and biogas construction, and to promote the agricultural efficiency and farmers' income.

At present, the district has built rural household biogas digesters 9507, farm biogas project 8, farming district joint household biogas project,

There are 49 village service outlets, involving 23 townships and street offices in the whole region.