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Improving the strategic position of biogas in the development of China's natural gas industry

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As an important part of clean energy, governments and all walks of life have taken the development of "gas energy" as the mainstream of energy use in twenty-first Century. At present, Chinese is actively organize the implementation of the "12th Five-Year" development strategy, review of the development of China economic society in the past, many industries and regions, the blind pursuit of high GDP growth, the proportion of primary energy consumption leads to serious imbalance, dependence on oil imports continue to rise, continue to increase the pressure of energy saving and emission reduction.

The eleventh session of the National People's Congress of the fourth meeting of the prime minister Wen Jiabao made the "government work report" and "economic and social development of the Eleventh Five Year Plan", put forward the strategic goal of energy saving and emission reduction China in the next 5 years, the prime minister Wen Jiabao disclosed in the official government work report, unit of GDP energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions were reduced by 16% and 17%, non fossil energy in primary energy consumption to 11.4%, the total discharge of major pollutants reduced by 8% ~ 10%, the forest volume increased 6 * 108m3, the forest coverage rate reached 21.66%.

Under the dual rigid constraints of economic development and energy saving and emission reduction, the future energy development will face a major test. There will be a good opportunity for the development of clean energy including biogas, renewable energy and natural gas.

1. China's biogas construction has made remarkable achievements
The application of biogas in China has a history of nearly one hundred years. As the bio gas energy connection breeding and planting cycle chain and efficient cleaning, over the years has been the attention of all levels of government and people welcome, many have become the growth of local economic developm