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147 kinds of local diesel energy crops that have been developed in China

Release time:2018-1-18   Responsible editor:   information sources:
The basic work of the Ministry of science and technology, "investigation, collection and preservation of non grain diesel energy plants and related microbial resources", has achieved preliminary results. "Science times" reporter from the day before the project leader, Chinese Academy of Sciences Southern China botanical garden researcher Xing Fuwu was informed that, after investigation, project evaluation, and the reference of foreign standards, China's oil rate is higher than 30%, high yield, with the development of the value of local non grain diesel plant up to 147. These varieties spread all over the climate zones of our country and break the situation that the imported varieties of foreign countries can only be developed in limited areas.

Energy plants are plants that provide energy sources. In China, there are a large number of biological species. There are about 30 thousand species of vascular plants, which are only inferior to Indonesia and Brazil. Among them, there are about 15 thousand kinds of economic value, about 4000 species have energy development value, and 1500 of them are non grain diesel energy plants. Our country has 116 million hectares of marginal land, such as wasteland, tidal flat and saline alkali land. It is used to develop non grain energy crops. It can not only increase farmers' income, but also improve the local ecological environment, and increase the strategic reserve of alternative energy.