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Li Ganjie meets with the EU ambassador to China

Release time:2018-1-18   Responsible editor:   information sources:
China environmental news reporter Huo Tao Beijing Vice Minister of environmental protection Li Ganjie, met in Beijing, the head of the EU delegation visiting ambassador Ed and one line, two sides deepen China EU cooperation in environmental protection and other issues of common concern to exchange views.

Li Ganjie first congratulated Eide and the EU ambassador to China and briefed guests on the basic situation of China's environmental protection. He said that during the "11th Five-Year", China has made remarkable achievements in the field of environmental protection, and the international community has seen it in the world. The city sewage treatment rate increased from 52% in 2005 to more than 75%, completed a total of 578 million kilowatts coal-fired power plant desulfurization facilities in operation, the proportion of thermal power desulphurization units increased from 12% in 2005 to 82.6%, compared to cod and sulfur dioxide emissions compared to 2005 decreased by 12.45% and 14.29%, respectively. China's national economic and social development "12th Five-Year" plan suggested that environmental protection should be placed in a more priority and more prominent position. The main contents of the "12th Five-Year" plan of China's environmental protection can be summarized as 4 strategies. First, we should deepen the total emission reduction and continue to maintain and enhance the effective measures to reduce the emission reduction through the "11th Five-Year". The two is to improve the quality of the environment. At present, the specific indicators have been identified, and we need to implement policies and measures for pollution control, air pollution prevention and control, elimination of backward production capacity and speeding up industrial restructuring. The three is to prevent environmental risks, especially the control of heavy metal pollution, hazardous wastes, persistent organic pollutants and dangerous chemicals. Four is to promote regional balance, to ensure the balanced development of urban and rural areas, and to strengthen the prevention and control of rural pollution.

Li Ganjie actively evaluated the biodiversity conservation projects in China and Europe. About fourth of EU concern EU ministers of the environment policy dialogue, Li Ganjie said, this is the high level dialogue mechanism established between the two together, has a positive guiding significance for China EU cooperation in environmental protection, China Environmental Protection Minister Zhou Shengxian plan led a delegation to attend, and will attach great importance to the dialogue will be held successfully to make efforts.

Li Ganjie also responded to the 3 issues of China EU environmental governance project and new projects of Sino EU environmental cooperation, including heavy metal pollution prevention, water pollution control and solid waste management, as well as Sino EU nuclear safety cooperation.