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EED celebrated 10th Anniversary, looking forward to create new successes!

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In February 1, 2015, "EED 10th anniversary celebration conference", "EED2014 annual summary and 2015 work plan meeting" were held in Sanhe Fucheng Kokusai Hotel. EED staff and invited guests gathered together to celebrate the event.

In the morning, "EED 10th anniversary celebration meeting" was held solemnly. At the celebration meeting, we watched EED 10th anniversary publicity films and heard the ten year report of EED. At this meeting, the invited leaders and experts made a speech, affirming the results of EED 10th anniversary and making valuable suggestions. Dr. Liu Xin, general manager of EED, reviewed the course of development over the past ten years and looked forward to the next ten year development.

In the afternoon, the expectation of "the 2015 annual meeting of the show officially kicked off, exciting solo, humorous comic sketches, funny bizarre magic, sign Semichorus, adopt an original approach to warm the heart of the chorus...... The performers in high and vigorous spirits brought passion like fire to the scene. In the middle of the program, all kinds of novel and unique games are interspersed. The whole meeting has been haunting in the atmosphere of harmony, warmth and joy, singing, applause, and cheering.

On the morning of February 2, the “EED 2014 Annual Summary and 2015 Work Plan Meeting” was officially held. On behalf of the company’s management team, Dr. Liu Wei, the general manager of EED, expressed his deepest gratitude to all employees for their hard work and deployed the company’s 2015 development strategy and mission objectives. At the same time, it strengthened the sense of responsibility and execution of all employees. There are eager expectations in terms of self-learning and team building. Liu asked that in the New Year, all employees of the company must consolidate their efforts and seize opportunities to create a new situation for the company and realize the overall leap in the company.


Leaders and employees exchanged their opinions, reviewed the past, and looked forward to the future, all of which made employees feel confident and passionate. In this annual meeting, the company also commended and rewarded outstanding employees who had outstanding performance in the company's work in 2014. Representatives of excellent employees and representatives of new employees shared their work experience with others and expressed their gratitude to the company. Through the form of commendation, all employees are encouraged to work together for the development of the company and believed that EED would be better in the future.


Through the ten years of sharpening and accumulation, EED has achieved great-leap-forward development in the decade in the field of domestic energy conservation and environmental protection. Facing the future, we are full of confidence and courage to make a better future.