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Visit the activities of the memorial hall of the Anti Japanese War

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n May 14th seventeenth Chinese Beijing International High Tech Expo opened in Beijing, by the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology of the State Council, the SASAC, China CCPIT, the State Intellectual Property Office and the Beijing Municipal People's government, Beijing City Council hosted the China Beijing International High Tech Expo since its establishment in 1998, has been held for 16 sessions as an important carrier of China's science and technology, the field of international exchanges and industrial cooperation, is an important platform for an important window, showing Chinese high-tech development achievements and promote scientific and technological achievements transformation and industrialization.

CHITEC exhibition, more than 2000 domestic and foreign high-tech enterprises, universities and research institutes and national high-tech industrial park, economic development zone, will showcase new achievements in the national implementation of innovation driven strategy, highlight the latest advances in science and technology innovation and integration depth of the economic and social development, focus on independent innovation of key a number of key technology areas and strategic emerging industries, integration and innovation of technology and life.
Our company is the Chaoyang District government elected representatives of exhibitors, invited to participate in the expo. During the 5 day during the Expo, the company through the LED display, color pages, business and other ways to promote market personnel participating in government and enterprises and the customers, fully display and promotion of EED corporate culture, business, product type etc..