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Dr. Liu Xin, director of EED, attended the Berlin world biogas Conference

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April 3, 2014 to 5, Beijing general manager of the center of the ring director Reed Central Environmental Engineering Technology Co. Ltd. Liu Xin, attended the World Congress held in Berlin in the biogas, meeting Dr. Liu Xin China biogas development experience and business model to the general assembly made presentations, and share the successful experience of the development of biogas industry Chinese technology biogas and peers from around the world.

During the period, Liu Xin as director of China biogas experts attended the international organization for Standardization (ISO) the second meeting of the biogas Standardization Committee, and experts from France, Holland, Germany, Kenya, Israel, South Korea and other countries jointly discussed biogas authority plans for future work, the meeting set up two working groups, agreed to study Chinese the high temperature flame burner on the principle of the formulation of international standards.